Do you need customers?

Mermandia is free for everyone! Our profit comes from advertisings on the website and yours is formed from the number of store visitors. It is a beneficial cooperation for the sake of providing convenient information to potential buyers.

Residents of Mermandia will fully appreciate all managers and other representatives of stores who will be able to send the necessary information personally. For your convenience a new store and share adding forms were created.

Do not overlook the fact of adding information in advance - before the event starts. This will help our users to plan their shopping day more correctly, taking into account your share.

Fill out the form and send it to the specified e-mail. While adding a new store, do not forget about the logo and offline contact information.

Download the forms:
Add new store ( հայերեն, русский, english )
Add new share ( հայերեն, русский, english )

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