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Discount policy

Start date:
21 March 2013
ending unknown


All LS buyers receive certain discounts. Making a purchase for the first time, you can get 25% discount on the entire range. If the amount of your purchases exceeds 25.000 AMD, the discount will increase by 10%, i. e. at the first purchase you will receive a discount of 35%. At the same time you will get the status of LS-Partner with the following benefits: - The right to a 40% discount on the entire range during a year - The right to an additional 5% discount on your birthday, and the next couple of days, in case of providing passport - The right to purchase any men's necktie in LS store for 2.000 AMD - The right to grant to others the special discount coupons received from LS, the bearer of which will receive: ա / to a 35% discount բ / the right to become an LS-Partner In addition, the amount equal to 10% of the amount of their purchases will be transferred to the account of LS-Partner, through which they purchased the coupon. Collected sum LS-Partner can receive monthly - 1 to 7 - or use them as a payment method, while being able to make purchases in the amount of one and a half times more than the deposit. LS-partner also receives a special individual accumulative card, and depending on the total amount of purchases during the year can receive a certain amount - in cash or in the form of discounts. These amounts are determined based on the annual income of the store and the space taken up in the list of LS-Partners

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