Mermandia is for all

The idea is simple and mostly useful for girls and women who follow fashion tendencies - gather relevant information about sales, discounts and other shares in boutiques and all that goes with it. The website is willing to include even the smallest shops from all districts of Yerevan *. Sometimes saved time and convenience in getting what you need are the most expensive purchases.

At Mermandia we tried to combine user friendly interface with broad functionality designed especially on shopping.

From the very beginning, everything was built from user's standpoint - all the possible links between shares, stores and brands were carefully considered. Making choice and route planning for shopping are at one place now!

The idea of the "Print-list" appeared to be one of the most convenient website functions. It allows you to create a list of favorite shares and stores and print out **. Summary and detailed print varieties - without or with descriptions of shares and stores - are provided. You can add to print the map with labels of shops. For adding anything to the Print-list you should click on the printer icon at share’s card and pages of the stores.

Through sections and categories is very easy to find a suitable share. All categories that have active shares are always accessible from the main menu. Also take a look at categorized separate sections of menu (for men, women and children). Section and category preview is extended due to filters by event type, range of assortment and two types of view (grid and list).

In order to save not only money but also time, the system of "nearby shares" was thought out. You will notice other active shares that are geographically close to the viewing one. This obviously will make shopping route more thought out.

Store catalog turned out to be a quite useful component. Easy navigation helps you to find the right shop, even with no active shares. The same applies to the brand catalog, where you can find shares for your favorite brand or store where it is available. Store pages contain all the needed information – from addresses and phone numbers of the store’s all branches to the links of social network pages.

Everyone who likes Mermandia can easily share it with friends and leave comment on visited share or favorite store pages.

* By the relevance will be added other cities.
** It will be possible to save the print-list to a file or send it to e-mail with upcoming updates.